Hire Coders Objectively

Hire coders that write production ready code

provenCoder.com/code-challenge — Javascript — Hello World

The tech in technical recruiting

Recruit coders like Google do

Have them write some code !!

Technical Recruiting – the old way

  • 1. Get a bunch of applications

  • a bundle of CVs

  • 2. Run them through a few filters: education, qualification & experience

  • 3. Reject some coders that fall short

    • a young Bill Gates
    • a young Larry Ellison
    • a young Mark Zuckerberg
    • Evan Williams, founder of Twitter
    • a young Jan Koum
  • 4. Do a few rounds of telephone technical interviews

  • 5. Call some applicants up for a few rounds of interviews

  • 6. Hire an UNPROVEN coder

Technical Recruiting – the provenCoder way

  • 1. Get a bunch of applications

  • a bundle of CVs
  • 2. Send all applicants a coding test (or a series of tests of increasing difficulty)

  • 3. Hire a provenCoder

Technical recruiting made easy – and far more accurate

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All major programming languages
Java, Objective-C, C#, Php, Ruby, Node.js, Python 2 and earlier, Python 3, C (gcc), C++ (gcc), Perl, Javascript, Lisp, C (clang), C++ (clang), D, F#, Go, Haskell, Lua, Nasm, Octave, Pascal, Prolog, R, Scala, Scheme, Tcl, Vb.Net, Visual C, Visual C++, Erlang, Cobol, Fortran 95, Ada, Clojure, OCaml, Forth, Groovy, Julia, Rust, Swift.

Yes — even Cobol


Testing all popular environments ...

Some of the most popular databases (coming soon)
Microsoft SQL Server, Cassandra, Mongo DB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQl, Redis, SQLite (with more to come)

Open Source projects (coming soon)
Elastic Search, Lucene, OpenCV, Solr, Spark (with more to come)

Plus ... * beta
Create your own tests
Use your own production code

The tech in technical recruiting

See for yourself



Test candidates

Make your technical recruitment process an objective rather than subjective one. You recruit someone to write some code for you – so test their coding abilities as part of your recruitment process and save yourself a lot of time and energy sorting and filtering CV's. Hire provenCoders


recruiters staffing

Proven coders for your clients

Add significant value to the service you offer your clients – the ability to find provenCoders that you can demonstrate have the required abilites – do this and more from your own website by simply adding three lines of code!



If you are up for a challenge ...

We've got something really interesting coming soon – for coders, hackers and developers everywhere who are up for a challenge

Code challenges ranging from easy to expert

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